Widely Used Optical Scan Voting Machine Can Be Hacked in 1 Minute

Following the 2nd annual DEF CON Hacking Voting Village I released an investigative expose demonstrating that a widely-used optical scan voting machine called the ES&S M650 was vulnerable from multiple attack vectors. This machine is used in 24 states to count votes and can be hacked to change election results in under one minute. The report has received close to 1/2 a million views.

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Machine usage according to Verified Voting.
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Hackers crack Voting Machines at DEFCON

This is my first report from the #DEFCON #VotingVillage in Las Vegas. In some cases within minutes—and in other cases within a few hours—of the village doors' opening, hackers in attendance said they had successfully penetrated some systems. The security investigators claimed to have breached or found major vulnerabilities in every voting system present.

Vegas is expensive. I also have other trips coming up and needed new camera equipment. Anything you can give to my GoFundMe account is greatly appreciated. I’m at over 25% of my goal, and the fund is trending! Very encouraging.

I’ll be doing a Facebook live hit at 6 pm PST today to take questions about what hackers were or were not able to at the #VotingVillage.

I believe we are at the tipping point. If we keep focused and work together we can make our elections significantly more secure and more transparent by 2018, and 2020.

Thank you so much for everything you’re doing.