"Holler Back" takes place in the midst of the contentious 2004 presidential election, in America's heartland. Allentown Pennsylvania is a swing city in a swing state, that could literally change the outcome of the entire election. While election activists are going door to door to nail down every vote, the film centers around those who have decided not to participate in the election.

Revealing interviews with non-voters draw you in as one after another they express their anger and lack of faith in a corrupt and unresponsive system. With impressive detail and considerable humor, the tight and highly charged film focuses on the entrenched problems of U.S. elections that discourage participation: from the twisted complexities of the electoral college to easily hackable voting equipment.

Awarded "Best Documentary" at the Sunscreen Film Festival, the project screened at film festivals and colleges around the U.S. including the “We the People” festival at Kent State University, and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. 

Documentary | 76 minutes