Affidavit Ballot - [not]

This is my voter registration information. I brought it with me to the polls. I am registered to vote and voted at this location in the primary. 

When I went to check in, the man did not find my name in the book. He immediately told me to vote with an affidavit ballot. I said I was registered to vote and did not want to vote with an affidavit ballot, I started filming at which point I was told I would be escorted out by the police and not allowed to vote at all.

It is wrong that we are not allowed to film inside polling places. The act of voting is supposed to be transparent and provide confidence in the outcome. It take place in the public civic space. We are video taped in every bodega, but our voting procedures are secretive and shady with practices that can affect anyone's right to vote at any time and can also affect the results.