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Holler Back - [not] Voting in an American Town is part of a multi-layered effort to identify problems with U.S. elections and help find solutions. Our work is non-partisan. We understand that democracy works best with active participation from citizens with a wide spectrum of beliefs.

Our latest project is An Electoral System in Crisis - a 39-page independent in-depth investigation of the accuracy and security of U.S. electronic voting equipment. 

From the report:
"A large and growing body of research provides convincing evidence that U.S. electronic voting equipment in many parts of the country may not be counting votes accurately. This could be due to malfunctioning computer equipment that in 43 states is over a decade old, and long past its natural life. However, in many cases, the data points toward fraud as a likely explanation."

We are currently continuing our investigation into the potential manipulation of electronic voting equipment, and advocating for the use of paper ballots, counted by hand in the precinct, in a secure and transparent process open to scrutiny by the media and the public. 



Our company utilizes a variety of mediums for maximum impact, including documentary film, investigative journalism, interactive education modules with students, workshops to encourage political participation, and twitter to bring awareness to issues! (follow me on twitter: @luluFriesdat)

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Holler Back - [not] Voting in an American Town was our first documentary. The film focuses on systemic problems with U.S. elections that discourage participation: from the twisted complexities of the electoral college to easily hackable voting equipment. 

The film won Best Documentary at the 2008 Sunscreen Film Festival and aired on Link TV. It screened at film festivals across the country including the Women’s International Film FestivalThe Philadelphia Film Festival, Ohio’s “We The People” Fest, The Trenton Film Festival and The Seattle True Independent Film Festival.  We created a nation-wide event to motivate youth turnout by screening at colleges from Harvard to Alaska. 

We are currently in post production on a new documentary. "The Freedom Cage – Part 1 #OccupyWallStreet" charts the creation and disruption of Occupy Wall Street. The film’s intimate access to core members of the Occupy movement provides a candid window into the passion that both fueled and sabotaged their momentum; while detailing the relentless surveillance and brutal arrests by police and federal agencies that systematically dismantled and ultimately shut down the protests. The verite’ narrative provides an in-depth examination of Occupy’s legacy, how its message began with a group of Anarchist radicals, sowed the seeds for Black Lives Matter and is now influencing mainstream American politics.

Future projects on the drawing board include

  • Public service announcements about voter suppression
  • #ParticipatoryGov workshops
  • An app to connect non-voters with mentors

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